Sports That Use Roller Skates
  • Artistic Roller Skating

    Artistic Roller Skating is a competitive sport that is a collection of different roller-skating disciplines, just like athletics.

  • Speed Skating

    For this sport inline skates are used, and the event is as it sounds as the competitors race each other on racing circuits.

  • Roller Hockey

    To participate in Roller Hockey the competitors use inline skates, it is a version of field hockey and can be played on a variety of surfaces.

  • Roller Soccer

    Basically it is soccer that is played by the team members wearing roller skates.

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The Future of Roller Skating – A Decade into the Future

Roller skating, as a sport, is seeing a decline
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Injuries Caused by Roller Skating and How to Prevent Them

You can count on burning hundreds of
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How to Roller Skate

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