In part one of our blog on the health benefits of roller skating we saw that this great fun activity was good for burning calories and great for improving your mood. Who would have thought that by having so much fun you could really be helping your body in so many ways. In this blog we continue looking at other health associated benefits that can be gained by roller skating.

All Over Workout

Most people think that roller skating is purely an activity for the legs, it is true that skating is great for the glutes as you power off one leg to the other. But if you skate with a proper action then your core and arms should get a proper workout too as you try to balance your body against the movement. have cited that skating builds strength particularly to the lower muscles, and stronger muscles together with the correct coordination is proven to greatly reduce the risk of injuries. Stronger muscles will also help to keep active when you get older and will allow you to enjoy roller skating far longer.

Improves Coordination

Roller skating has been proven to improve your balance, and it is hardly surprising if you have ever tried it for the first time. If you see somebody roller skating then they have got to have good balance otherwise they would not be roller skating.

And by keeping your core, and lower back muscles strong this will aid your overall body balance, and with this comes good coordination. Interestingly you do not have to concentrate on improving your balance it is a natural progression of learning how to skate. 

Good for the Heart

Roller skating is a great aerobic activity, and even the American Heart Association has recognized it as something that will definitely strengthen the heart. The University of Konstantx has conducted research into this very matter and have come up with some very illuminating data.

They have found that just roller skating at a moderate pace can increase a skater’s heart rate from 90 to up to 140 beats per minute and skating at top speed can reach levels of 180 beats. This increased heart speed helps to build the strength of the heart and keep it healthy and strong.

Improves Endurance

It is a fact as roller skating helps to build up the body’s muscles they get stronger, and it is this increase in strength that helps to also increase their endurance capacity. This means you can carry on roller skating for a longer period of time.

If you are really adventurous, try an occasional few uphill variations into your roller skating routine, this will definitely increase muscle build, and adds to your cardiovascular system. Your body works out for itself how to efficiently used stored energy which again improves endurance.

All these health benefits are associated with roller skating, and the great thing about the sport is you can do it just about anywhere. You need not join expensive gyms or have to travel to special facilities, just strap a pair of skates on and start improving your health.