Almost participating in any sport will improve your health, most physical exercise brings about health benefits that can range from muscle enhancement to cardio improvements. Some sports are better than others as far as health development goes, everybody knows the great benefits of swimming and cycling, but what about roller skating?

In this blog we will delve into the world of roller skating and see what benefits it can bring as a sport to your health. Roller skating does not look particularly taxing as you see skaters gliding past you on beach promenades, but is this just a pre-conception? Is roller skating really good for your health?

Easy on the Joints

Skating is similar to cycling in terms of providing a fluid motion that is great for the joints. It helps the athlete to enjoy movements that are similar to skiing and dancing, with no heavy impact on the ankles or knees. In fact a study carried out by the University of Massachusetts on roller skating concluded that skating causes less than half of the impact to the body than running did. Delving into the study further we can deduce that the aerobic benefit with roller skating is still at a relatively high level as say in jogging, but there is little or no joint damage. In other words the chance of muscle and joint injury is far lower but the health benefits are still great.

Top Cross Training Exercise

Many sports professionals and coaches always advise that you should blend your chosen sport with an additional activities. This acts as a sort of yin and yang for the body, for instance if you are really into weight lifting then one or two roller skating sessions will add different benefits to your overall wellbeing. It will increase your cardio activities and exercise different muscle groups. Roller skating brings similar benefits to jogging in terms of leg strength, and calorific consumption. So during the running off season you can continue to work out by strapping on a pair of roller skates, it also keeps attention levels high doing different activities.

Calorie Burning

Roller skating is a great activity for fat burning, every minute of typical roller skating will burn around 10 calories for the average man, an average woman will burn nine calories a minute. This may not sound a great deal at first but if you choose to extrapolate the numbers, then this can lead to burning between 400 and 500 calories an hour of roller skating activity.

Good for Your Mood

When is the last time you saw a roller skater frowning? Any exercise is good for your mood on so many levels. By working out you get a sense of achievement, and the exercise releases endorphins into the brain which bring pleasure.

Roller Skating gives you all this with one big X factor, it is really fun to do. Unlike a lot of physical exercise that you have to force yourself to undertake, roller skating is an activity that is always pleasurable to do. It can be done in great locations, and is a really sociable activity, anybody with a pair of skates can join in. We continue in part two of this blog to see even more health benefits that can be gained by roller skating.