The concluding part of our blog on the different sports that can be used wearing roller skates continues with Roller Derby. We have already seen that many great sports that are normally played on ice are also great sports for enjoying on roller skates. We commence part three with a team game where players compete on an oval track. This particular game was featured in the well-known Hollywood movie of 2009 called Whip It. It depicts a high energy sport that is fast and furious which is exactly what Roller Derby is all about.

Roller Derby

Roller Derby has its origins in old roller-skating marathons of the 1930s and is played by two teams competing directly against each other. A team consists of five players although it is common for a squad as large of fourteen players to be on a roster. The sport then matches up two teams for short jam. Each team elects a jammer who can score points by lapping opposing players from the other team. The other players are called blockers and it is their job to stop the jammer of the other team.

Roller Derby can be a highly physical game and players are allowed to force opposition players out of bounds. For the uninitiated, it looks as though there are not any rules but this is not the case as any contact by feet, shoulders, head, hands are banned. For most Roller Derby matches the game is played indoors in a Roller Rink. And the protective clothing and equipment used is similar to ice hockey: helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guards etc. Roller Derby can be a brutal game, but there are many tactics also that are used.

The Different Types of Quad Roller Skating

As we have touched on before there are two basic types of roller skates used for sports and these are quad skates and inline skates. And since quad skates are so versatile there are many associated sports that you can play wearing them, including Indoor, Outdoor, Artistic, Jam, Speed Skating, Roller Derby and Rhythm and Dance.

You will find the best and probably the most expensive type of quad skate are the lightest ones; the less the skates weigh, the better. Obviously, less weight equals the more agility, performance and speed. Quad roller skates are made up of the boots, then the plates which are attached the wheels, bearings and toe stops.

Most quad skates are made up of either PVC, leather, composite plastic, fiberglass and the most expensive is carbon fiber. Some players prefer high boots which gives better support to the ankle, those these types of boots can restrict agility, so they are good for beginners but not so much for advanced roller skaters. The boot’s height will normally dictate the type of sport that the wearer will be engaged in.

There is no doubt that the sports connected with roller skates are both fashionable and popular. There is almost a cult scene developing around many of these sports, and rather like skateboarding the industry now has its own fashion including clothing and music.