The second part of our blog to discover all the different sports that use roller skates takes a look at Roller Hockey and Rollball to name just two sports. The great thing about roller skates is they can be used just about anywhere and they are great for sports similar to ice skating.

Roller Hockey

To participate in Roller Hockey the competitors use inline skates, it is a version of field hockey and can be played on a variety of surfaces. Roller Hockey has two forms, which differ with what types of sticks and skates that are used.

Traditional Roller Hockey is sometimes called quad hockey because the players use quad skates, and inline hockey uses inline skates. There is actually a third type of hockey which is commonly known as skater hockey which can be played using both types of skates.  The inline version is played with a team of four outfield players and a goalkeeper and is played on what is termed a dry rink. The dry rink has two halves and a net at either end, with the match being played over three periods.

Roller Soccer

The title sort of gives away what this roller skate sport is all about. Basically it is soccer that is played by the team members wearing roller skates. Roller Soccer was an American invention of the mid-nineties and is also popular in France and a couple of other European countries.

Most of the courts for this sport are indoors using wooden floors although the outdoor version can be played on concrete or asphalt. The area of play is roughly the same size of a hockey rink, and the football that is used is a standard size 5. There are five players in each team with one being designated as the goal keeper. Two halves of twenty five minutes constitutes a match and the same as in regular soccer the team the scores the most goals is the winner. There has even been a world cup of Roller Soccer.


Roller Skating’s version of handball is called rollball. To be more precise, Rollball is a combination of handball, basketball and other roller-sports. Players all wear roller skates and a point is scored when one team finds the opponents net when shooting. It is a sport then can be played either indoors or outdoors and a variety of surfaces including concrete and even wood. In some countries Rollball is also actually played on ice and in all versions the ball is about the same size of a basketball.

There are two teams with six players in each, and the matches last for periods of forty minutes but this depends also at what level the game is being played at. Seniors play Rollball for two periods of twenty minutes each, but with juniors the games are normally shorter.

Every two years there is a Rollball World Cup, with nations from around the globe coming together to enjoy their favorite sport. This is the highest level of the sport and is getting more and more popular by both competing nations and spectators. In our concluding part of this blog we will look at the sport, Roller Derby in particular.