It is tough to find slalom cups that are of somewhat decent quality. Even the ones that are available are either too expensive or are terrible in quality. There are loads of solutions for those who want to leg knit and don’t want to spend too much money if they are willing to DIY. The ideas make sure of everyday items like egg cartons or even Ikea items that are cheap but do the job. While you can’t use any item, you pick up from home, here are a few items that you might not have considered.


IKEA is great for their designer products that service usability with quality. If you haven’t been, then you should stop by the kid’s section in Ikea and pick up their hard cups for kids. They come in a pack of 4 and are perfect in their weight for leg knitting. Each cup would roughly cost you a dollar – Well spent too! The only did side to the IKEA cups is that it tends to fall over if there are strong winds and some clubs don’t allow them.

Tennis Ball

Finding slalom cups that have high visibility is a challenge in the DIY section. However, if you have some spare tennis balls around the house that you no longer use, cut them in half. They are great cups that can be used. However, be careful that you don’t fall on them.

PVC Tube

PVC is cheap and available at any local hardware store near where you live. Pick up a two-meter tube of 5 cm width and cut it into pieces of single centimeters. You will have enough and more cones/cups that for your skating days. In the end, you would land up paying a few dollars only too. These tube pieces are quite durable and resistant also. However, they are not the best if you are looking for a high-visibility cone. 

Caps from Milk Bottles

You would quickly go through a few bottles of milk in a month. Just store the caps and use them in the place of cones. Simple and easy without having to worry about any extra money spent either. The caps also are bright enough to be seen at any time. The only problem is that they are very fragile, but you may get away if the wind is lighter.

Polystyrene Egg Cartons

Instead of buying the cardboard egg cartons, choose to buy the Polystyrene ones for a few weeks/months. This would have you covered. You can also fill them up with clay for added weight and use them. They work well by themselves too, but some extra weight won’t hurt it.

Jumping Ball Pool Balls

You can find these balls available in plenty anywhere and everywhere there are kids sections in shops. These are the ones you usually find at the jumping castles for kids with the pool of balls section. These balls are perfect and can be cut in half and used the same way you use tennis balls. They are better than tennis balls too because they bounce back into shape.