The second and concluding part of our blog on how to roller skate looks at two very important areas, namely your body movement and how to stop. These are two important areas of learning how to roller skate every beginner has to learn to become an accomplished roller skater.

Body Movement

Beginners must learn the correct stances and movements to be able to skate well. The starting point is the standing position, and whilst you adopt this stance the heels of your roller skates come together whilst your toes form a V-shape spread apart. Your body should be relaxed and there should be a slight bend of the knees before you gently push off with one foot or the other. Whichever foot you start with then that leg comes out to the side following the initial push.

As you start to roll, place the other foot down and push with that leg, again bringing that leg out to the side. You should now be moving smoothly and to keep rolling continue the process with alternative push offs from the feet.

Your arms should be slightly to the side to keep your balance with your head firmly up to look where you are going and to avoid obstacles. The upright head also assists greatly in the whole body position as you are moving along.


Forward momentum is fairly easy, just keep the pushing off movement with your feet and let the wheels do all the hard work. Once you get a rhythm going, then little energy is needed. But there is one last thing that you have to master and that is stopping.

There are two ways of doing this that are both effective and, more importantly, safe. If you have selected your skates properly, there will be two rubber stoppers under each toe of the skates, these are your brakes and to apply them simply point the toe down and drag the rubber. The harder you press the toe, the quicker you will stop. For new skater the T-Stop is perhaps more advisable, to execute this simply turn your strongest foot sideways and keep it behind the other foot. Then touch the instep of the first foot with the heel of the other and you will come to a halt.

Roller Skating Clubs

Whilst you are learning to roller skate, it is a great idea to join local clubs and meet fellow novices. Learning in a group is far more fun, and you can spur each other on to get better in your technique. Not only that, you will pick up new friends that share the same interest you have.

As you progress in your roller skating, why not enter competitions that your club hosts, or perhaps inter-club competitions. These are not only tremendous experience but it will put your skating at a new level as you will be mixing with better skaters. Of course if you simply want to skate for fun then there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever, just fasten your skates and enjoy a great pastime.