If you’re a skater looking for a job, then here are a few careers that you can pursue that involves skating in some way. Getting into a career that includes something you love will make the job much easier to love. In the long run, you will enjoy it more than you would enjoy a job you don’t like very much.

Careers in Skating

The Types of Jobs You Can Choose

Skating instructor – Being a skating instructor is probably the first thing you can think of if you’re looking for a job that involves skating. You might need a certificate or two though, so make sure you look up if you would need one in the area you live in at the time. You’ll have to prepare classes, which might be something you might find interesting to research. You can either choose to work for a company, organization, or on your own. 

Technical manager – Being a technical manager means that you will help with how skating is developed at a national, regional, or departmental level. You will be paid by the national organization, a committee, or a league. The kind of work you will be doing will involve helping coaches in a variety of things as well as aiding in the organizing of events.


Skating event organizer – If you want to be directly involved with skating, then you may want to be an organizer of skating events. You shouldn’t worry about organizing an event that is meant to have a million people attending. You can host a small event so that you can gather the community, such as having exhibitions.

Tour guide by skate – It isn’t a popular career to take up, but it is a career that will widen your perspective on the world. You know that going skating is an excellent way of exploring a city or the country in a manner that is different from other means. You can try to host a tour with skates, which might sound fun to tourists because of the unique offering.

Deliver things by skate – A couple of years ago, there was a rise in the service of delivery of packages and letters by using skaters. This kind of delivery service might have some competition, depending on where you are in the world. You won’t be able to deliver much while using your skates, but it’ll be easier to get through urban areas.

Skate marketing – The originality of using skaters to market and advertise products for them is an attractive aspect for a lot of companies. They can use the skaters to promote themselves significantly, but it isn’t a job that is very enthralling. However, it helps with getting some money on the side for people looking for some quick work.

Starting up a store – If you want to have a job that gives you a decent income, then you should consider starting up a store. Be warned that you shouldn’t think that it is easy to open up a store. If you want your store to be fully dedicated to skating, you should know that it is difficult in modern times. Over the years, the interest in skating has fallen quite a bit, and therefore, it might be challenging to find a lucrative market for your store. The alternative is to have a diverse selection of outdoor urban activities in your store. You will have to invest a considerable amount of cash into your products and store. However, if you dedicate yourself to it enough, you will have a high chance of success.