Skating is a sport that is considered by many to be a hobby. It is usually indulged in during one’s spare time and is sometimes done to have some fun. There are many forms of skating that are available in the modern age. Each is known to cater to different people and their likes.

Skating is a sport
At What Age Can You Start Skating and How to Prepare

Some examples of skating that are available for a person can range from, speed skating to inline and the more commonly done roller skating. When it comes to skating, many aspects must first be taken into consideration. These aspects include health risks and energy requirements. Skating is a sport that is not ideal for the more elderly folk as they may have trouble balancing properly on wheels; the same applies to children and babies. However there are cases in which that babies at the age of three are able to skate and are professional by the age of twelve. Which begs the question, what age is the best time in which that one can teach their child or children how to skate, and how young is too young for them to begin their training and practices.

Refining motor skills

One of the most important things that one must consider is the development of their child. Before throwing your child headfirst into a skating hobby or career, you must first consider further growing your child’s motor skills. Motor skills play an essential role in the efficiency of your child’s skating ability, and it also helps them with balance and reflexes. During a young age, parents get their children to join skating groups or classes as early as three and a half years old. This not only helps the child get a head start into the practice and also make skating a more natural instinct for them, but it also doesn’t give much time for your child first to become more familiar and more in-tune with their body. This can result in many fails and other issues. Besides, studies show that the more time that a child has to develop their motor skills, the more chances they have at excelling in skating.

Types of skates

Other than for the age in which a child can begin skating, the type of skates plays a more critical role in the sport. Every kind of skates have different purposes and utilize different styles. Inline skates are for those who prefer speed and agility, while roller skates with four wheels are for those who are more balanced. Many parents make the mistake of buying kiddie skates from fisher price and other baby stores. These skates are known to jam, which promotes a bad skating technique with children as they will have to push forward to be able to move. So it is much better to buy real skates than fake ones that jam regularly. If you are worried about the skates moving too fast or if they glide too much, grease can be used. Using grease for the wheels is ideal, as it will not go too soon and will also not promote any bad skating techniques.

Inline skates