The Difference Between In-line Skating and Roller Blading – Part 2

In part one of this blog we saw that it was really a
mistake that Rollerblade Incorporated started
to manufacture inline skates for pleasure purposes. The skates were first
developed by the Olson Brother as a piece of training equipment for
professional Ice Skaters and Hockey players.

In this blog we look how Rollerblade Incorporated took the world by storm and started a
whole new craze of inline skating. A craze that spread around the world […]

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The Difference Between Inline Skating and Roller Blading – Part 1

Many people get confused between inline skating and rollerblading,
and wonder if there is different techniques that are used or if the equipment
differs in any way, shape or form. Basically rollerblading is a brand name that
can be used for inline skating because of the huge impact that Rollerblade Incorporated had on making
skating popular all over America.

But it is a common mistake to think that Rollerblade actually designed inline skates
or skating for […]

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The Health Benefits of Roller Skating – Part 2

part one of our blog on the health benefits of roller skating we saw that this
great fun activity was good for burning calories and great for improving your
mood. Who would have thought that by having so much fun you could really be
helping your body in so many ways. In this blog we continue looking at other
health associated benefits that can be gained by roller skating.

All Over Workout

Most people think that […]

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